QBO Audit & Catching Up Your Books

QBO Audit

If you are using Quickbooks online already but your're not sure about the state of your bookkeeping or you feel like something might be off, the bookkeeping audit is the perfect service for you. We'll log in to your Quickbooks online account and fully analyze the state of your books. We'll not only look at what is in QBO but what is missing as well and provide a full report detailing our findings. Our detailed report will let you know exactly where you stand with your books and will also provide our recommended next steps.


Catching Up Your Books

After the QBO audit is complete, you may find that there is some catch-up or clean up that needs to be done within your books. We offer these services on a one-time, case by case basis. Once we are done with the catch up / clean up, your books will look better than they ever have before. You'll be able to move forward with ongoing bookkeeping whether you are doing that on your own or outsourcing it to us.