Tax Planning & Tax Prep

Just like our bookkeeping services, we offer three levels of service for filing your personal taxes as well. Taxes are stressful and intimidating and we get that. Even more than that, we know that planning for taxes is even more frustrating. It's hard to know year to year what you should be paying, what deductions you should take advantage of and the unknown of whether you taxes are done right is sometimes overbearing. Our virtual tax preparation is highly detailed, highly focused on you as the client but streamlined and stress-free for you at the same time.


Price List



We charge between $50-$100 for the preparation of a basic personal tax return 1 T4. The process of personal tax filing is easy as compared to other taxes because it depends upon the single income of an individual.

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The tax preparation becomes complex in the case of multiple incomes which means an individual has more than one as a source of income. The fees range from $100 to $1500.

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Self Employed/Rental Income

Self-Employed return (one business statement completed and provided by client): From $150.00

Rental income return (one rental statement completed and provided by client): From $150.00

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